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Review on Direct-Contact Membrane Distillation and Supercritical CO2 Brayton CycleSystems for Water Cogeneration

Ashutosh Kumar* 

Journal of Advanced Mechanical Sciences. 2022 Dec 27; 1(4): 137-142


             Membrane distillation is a new desalination process that uses low-grade heat to produce clean water. Membrane distillation (MD), in contrast to energy conversion with reverse osmosis, uses the excess heat produced by the Brayton cycle for desalination processes without the need for great energy. The Brayton cycle of sCO2 is viewed as a viable key motivator of the integrated power system, heating, and cooling, with the potential to boost efficacy. Because of its compact construction and great efficiency, in recent decades, it has been used forseveral heat sources. In this study, a literature study was conducted related to membrane distillation with a direct-contact process and a closed Brayton cycle of supercritical CO2 for the cogeneration of water.


Membrane distillation, Direct contact membrane distillation, Cogeneration, Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle.


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