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A Review on Materials and Methods Used to Improve Absorption and Condensation on the Solar Desalination Process

A. T. Navin Prasad*, J. Yoganandh, R. Prakash

Journal of Advanced Mechanical Sciences. 2022 Dec 18; 1(4): 114-124


             The water on the earth's surface covers 71% of its area. However, due to the enormous changes in the environment brought on by human activities like population increase, pollution, industrial growth, etc., potable drinking water is no longer available. There is a need to produce drinking water using a variety of methods in order to transform brackish water into drinkable water. The solar still's low production of drinking water is its principal flaw. With the use of cutting-edge technologies including nano coatings, nano fluids, porous materials, phase-change materials, fins, flat plate collectors, sensible heat storage, etc., this study shows how solar still production may be increased. Future researchers will benefit from this review's expanded understanding as they work to implement numerous clever strategies to increase the desalination process's production rate.


Nano Particle, Nano Coating, Heat Storage, Phase Change Material, Fins.


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