IoT Based Safety Monitoring System in Truck Body Building Industry

V. Yuvaram *, R. Kandasamy, G. Selvaraj

Journal of Advanced Mechanical Sciences. 2022 Jul 24; 1(3): 74- 80


            There are many number of hazards identified in the daily workplace. The objective is to design a safety system to reduce these hazards in truck body building industries using IoT. For this proper hazard identification is required. In this generation, it’s quite difficult to implement safety analysis techniques and address the hazardous risks in all workplace. Here different types of sensors are used to identify each hazard and microcontrollers are used to control the working of the system. For an example, temperature sensor is used to identify the temperature in industries and it shows the current updates in LCD display. If there is a rise in temperature a beeping alarm will be raised and warning message is shown in the LCD display and led starts glowing. An authorized person will have full access to and control of the entire system. An emergency exit strategy will be demonstrated to the industry's employees so they may leave the building safely. This investigation demonstrates a new solution for the Industrial safety monitoring system in truck body building industry. 


Hazards, Internet of Things, Sensors, Safety, Microcontroller, LCD Display


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